Thriving in Kindergarten and Beyond

Holy Word Christian Academy began five years ago with an early childhood program. Now we are excited for a new chapter in our history: elementary education. Our team will infuse its same love for early childhood learning and love of children into Kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year and first grade in the 2023-2024 school year. The end goal is to add an elementary grade each year through at least fifth grade in portables until we can begin a building project onsite. — Hannah Laitinen, Director of Educational Ministry

Educational Philosophy

With a classical focus, the curriculum at Holy Word Christian Academy seeks to enrich the mind and enlighten the heart through the timeless truths of God’s Word. Holy Word’s curricular framework is balanced and comprehensive; achieving academic excellence through a comprehensive curriculum that meets and exceeds Texas State Standards. Its design promotes cognitive growth in all of its objectives, activities, strategies, and resources. The curriculum takes into account the wide range of learning styles of its students, offering flexibility to remediate the struggling student while at the same time enriching and challenging the advanced learner. The students of Holy Word will be fully equipped with the tools needed to succeed in and out of the classroom both in elementary school and beyond.

Academic Curriculum

SubjectMaterialsCurriculum Highlights
Word of GodEnduring Faith from Concordia Publishing House (2022)

Age appropriate overview of the entire Bible

  • Old & New Testaments
  • Focus on learning the story and applying

Curriculum Principles:

  • God’s Word gives life
  • We are God’s children and we are called to love
  • Our goal is to share God’s Word
  • with others and in the home
MathReveal Math from McGraw Hill (2022)

Learning the ability to perform more than just one number sequence

  • How to represent numbers in new ways
  • More than, less than, or equal to
  • Sort and classify
  • Ability to group and decompose numbers
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Measurement and data
  • Shapes and space
  • Introduction to currency and wages
ScienceMystery Science Digital

Focus on keeping kids curious with introduction to the scientific method

Units include:

  • Light and material properties
  • Pushes and pulls
  • Severe weather
  • Animal needs
  • Plant needs and growth
Social StudiesImpact Social Studies from McGraw Hill

Exploring our place in the world by asking questions

Good citizens learning about laws, rights, responsibilities and cooperation

Exploring and learning about our world

Learning about our country’s leaders, symbols, celebrations, diversity and what it means to be “American”

Work and life long ago and today

Reading, Writing & Language ArtsSuperkids from Zaner-Bloser

Superkid character driven lessons, books, and supplemental materials

Multiple media formats

Pint concepts, phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency

Art, Music & SpanishSupplemental Materials

Exposure to multiple mediums

Using art to reinforce other subject learning

Gaining musical literacy, creative expression, historical & cultural relevance, and forming critical evaluation and response

Learning hymns & songs of praise

Focus on vocabulary & basic conversation

PE & HealthSPARK & Supplemental MaterialsFocus on creating healthy habits, making healthy choices, & having fun through exercise!

Beyond the Classroom

Field Trips

Field trips and experiences are planned during the school year to enrich the curriculum for the children and expand their educational horizons. Careful thought goes into planning each activity to ensure its educational value and the safety of the children. Experiential activities may be brought on campus in place of field trips, depending on the grade level. These educational trips and experiences are planned as a supplement to our curriculum; therefore, all pupils are expected to attend such trips as part of the regular school day.

Celebrations & Events

We have celebrations throughout the year. Our faculty enjoys recognizing every holiday there is! National Origami Day, National Pirate Day, Author’s Day, International Sloth Day, etc. These are all intertwined with meaningful lessons. Our elementary classes join academy-wide annual events like our Parent Orientation Night, Fall & Spring work days, Trunk-or-Treat/Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Pancake Meal, Christmas Program, Family Fun Run, Palm Sunday Singing, Easter Egg Hunt, and End of Year Splash. These are great social opportunities for children and their families.

Skits and Drama

Our teachers have a passion for the performing arts that they shares with their students. See one of our skits here called The Ten Plagues” and a puppet show on Luther and the 95 Theses. 

These opportunities allow the children to let loose their creative expression and get comfortable with performing for an audience.


Gardening is one of the best activities for promoting healthy eating, responsibility and patience, introductory math skills, and education about the environment among many other benefits. Holy Words has a small garden onsite and our students enjoy nurturing and caring for it each week.


Students have Spanish lessons twice each week. The activities and vocabulary practice incite a love and excitement for learning new languages and learning about new cultures.


Elementary students are required to wear Holy Word Christian Academy polo shirts made by 95Threads. For our uniform bottoms, the children are welcome to wear navy pants, shorts, or skirts/skorts. These bottoms should be free of holes and excessive wear and tear. Tennis shoes are recommended, preparing the children for any activity that comes their way throughout the day!

Opportunities for Parent Involvement

Field Trips

Parent involvement and presence is highly encouraged for our fieldtrips! We believe these educational memories last a lifetime. It is our parents who aid in transportation and assist with student supervision.

Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at Holy Word Christian Academy is a volunteer organization of parents, staff, and friends of HWCA that meets monthly during the school year to provide active support for the school and its programs. The PTA promotes cooperation between the home and the school, provides opportunities for service and involvement, and encourages social interaction among our school families and staff.

The PTA sponsors the annual Fun Run fundraiser and Christmas Pancake Meal, assists with the fall and spring work days, and lines up room parents at the beginning of each school year.

Classroom Visitation

As a part of HWCA’s open-door policy, parents are welcome to visit their child’s classroom. Parents may participate in the classroom activities through field trips, birthday parties, and other special events. Upon arrival at school, parents will sign in and obtain a guest pass from the school office.

It’s Like a Family Here… Come Visit Us!

Parents and students love Holy Word Christian Academy because it feels like a family. You’ll notice that everyone knows your name, loves getting together for monthly Mom & Dad Time Outs, and supports each other as their children grow up together. But you don’t have to take it from us…read below for what parents at HWCA have to say about the school culture here.

The best way to see if Holy Word Christian Academy is right for your family is to come for a tour. You can visit our classrooms, meet our staff, and see our early childhood program and school in action.

“I feel so blessed to have my son be surrounded by such dedicated, loving teachers and mentors. We are beyond thankful for finding this faith-led school that inspires children to be honest, loving, and creative all on their own.”

– Jen S.

“I have always been scared to have my kids in daycare — I preferred family, but Holy Word is an exception. I felt right at home when I toured the facility and the director Hannah makes you feel like you have known her for years.”

– Chelsie H.

“Our son has been at Holy Word for a little over two years and we have nothing but good things to say about the center. The teachers are loving, passionate, and all-around gems — the exact kind of people you want nurturing your child as they grow. I’ve especially loved that as the center has expanded over the years, nothing has changed. The teachers still know every child’s name and nuances (even if they aren’t in their class) and are as invested as ever in helping each child learn and develop.”

– Katie C.